Index of Posts by Year

There are several hundred posts on this blog (nearly 500 as of September of 2017), but many of them are about our routine daily lives. Here are some links to some of the posts chronicling our adventures on road trips, visiting attractions, and at various outings over the years, as well as a few that are interesting for historical reasons (because they show us when we were so much younger!):

The Anniston Museum of Natural History, March 1998 (a text-only travelogue)

Chattanooga, TN, August 1998 (a text-only travelogue)

Orlando, Florida, November 1998 (a text-only travelogue)

Savannah, Georgia, May 1999 (a text-only travelogue)

A Day at the Zoo, August 1999

Orlando, Florida (an old travelogue), October 1999

Savannah, Georgia, May 2000 (the first real trip Anna and I went on together)

Chattanooga, Tennessee, May 2000: A One Day Visit

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, July 2000

Tallulah Falls, Georgia, October 2000

North Georgia Mountains, November 2000

Zoo Atlanta, March 2001

Three New Additions to the Family: Tesseract, Luna, and Jupiter, March 2001

Providence Canyon State Park, April 2001

A Kitty Retrospective, August 2001

Asheville, North Carolina, September 2001

A Drive Down U.S. Highway 441: A Photo Journal

A Few Pictures, December 2002

Williamsburg, Virginia, June 2003

U.S. Highway 1, June 2003: Driving to Connecticut

The Planet Burdett Backyard: Birds and Squirrels Aplenty, September 2003

The New Burdett Bedroom Wall Mural, April 2005

Pensacola, Florida, December 2007

Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia, May 2008

Pensacola, Florida, December 2008

Stone Mountain Park, March 2009

Road Trip 2009: Faribault, Minnesota, June 2009

Georgia Renaissance Festival, May 2010

Rock City Gardens, October 2010

Pensacola, Florida, December 2010

Chattanooga, February 2011 (Daddy and Jessica)

Georgia Renaissance Festival, May 2011

Stone Mountain Park, May 2011 (Daddy and Jessica)

Faribault, Minnesota, June 2011

Rock City Gardens, October 2011

Walt Disney World, December 2011

Stone Mountain Park, July 2012

The Georgia Aquarium, July 2012

Stone Mountain Park: The Carillon, November 2012

Pensacola, Florida, December 2012

Monticello, Georgia, May 2013 (Chris's Small Town Art)

Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Chris's Excursions), June 2013

Babyland General and Helen, Georgia, June 2013

Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Atlanta, Georgia, June 2013

Faribault, Minnesota, July 2013 (Mommy and Elyse)

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (Chris's Excursions), July 2013

Stone Mountain Park Butterfly Adventures, August 2013

Stone Mountain Park with Daddy and Elyse, August 2013

Stone Mountain Park with Daddy and Elyse II, August 2013

Stone Mountain Village Details, September 2013 (Chris's Small Town Art)

Stone Mountain Park Grist Mill, October 2013 (Chris's Small Town Art)

Pensacola, Florida, December 2013

Stone Mountain Park, February 2014

Zoo Atlanta, February 2014 (Daddy and Elyse)

Panola Mountain State Park, March 2014

Rock City Gardens and Fairytale Nights, April 2014

Yellow River Game Ranch, Lilburn, Georgia, May 2014

Stone Mountain Park Mini-Golf, June 2014 (Daddy and Jessica)

Tybee Island, Georgia, July 2014

Helen Tubing on the Chattahoochee, Helen, Georgia, July 2014

Zoo Atlanta, August 2014 (Daddy and Elyse)

Callaway Gardens, October 2014

Stone Mountain Park, March 2015

Zoo Atlanta, April 2015

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, June 2015

High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia, June 2015

Helen Tubing on the Chattahoochee, Helen, Georgia, July 2015

Gwinnett County Fair, September 2015

Camp Meriwether, October 2015

Great Smoky Mountains Road Trip, October 2015

Stone Mountain Park Snow Mountain, December 2015

Rock City Gardens and the Tennessee Aquarium, December 2015

Zoo Atlanta with Elyse's Girl Scouts Troop, March 2016

Vines Gardens, March 2016

Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center, Buford, Georgia, April 2016

Tree Top Quest, Buford, Georgia, May 2016

Zoo Atlanta, July 2016

Stone Mountain Park, September 2016

Toccoa Falls, Georgia, October 2016

The Blue Ridge Parkway (Chris's Excursions), October 2016

Sleepy Hollow, Blairsville, Georgia, October 2016

Tallulah Falls, Georgia, October 2016

Stone Mountain Park Christmas, November 2016

Rock City Gardens and Ruby Falls, January 2017

Vines Gardens, March 2017

Sell's Mill Park (Chris's Excursions), Hoschton, Georgia, March 2017

Fort Yargo Living History Society 18th Century Market Faire, April 2017

Stone Mountain Park Dinosaur Explore, April 2017

Tree Top Quest, Buford, Georgia, May 2017

A Drive Through the North Georgia Mountains (Chris's Excursions), May 2017

Freeman's Mill Park (Chris's Excursions), June 2017

Stone Mountain Park Dinosaur Explore, June 2017

Panola Mountain State Park, June 2017

Helen Tubing on the Chattahoochee, Helen, Georgia, June 2017

Stone Mountain Park SkyHike, June 2017

Loganville Fourth of July Parade, June 2017

Zoo Atlanta, July 2017

Freeman's Mill Park, Lawrenceville, Georgia, August 2017

Stone Mountain Park Historic Square, August 2017

Stone Mountain Park Old Beach, August 2017

Great Smoky Mountains, September 2017

The Blue Ridge Parkway (Chris's Excursions), October 2017